Campus Ministry

2015 W.I.L.L. Class

the_reason_for_godThe 2015 W.I.L.L. Class (Walking In the Living Light) is scheduled to start Saturday June 27th and consist of 5 two-hour classes that will be given about every other week on Saturdays. Required reading is “The Reason for God” by Timothy Keller which can be purchased in Barnes & Noble stores or online on e.g. Amazon. Cost is about $10 for a new copy. Used ones are cheaper. No other costs for this class.

Exact time and location will be communicated later. If you are interested in participating, sign up now by contacting Mattias.

The classes will cover:

  1. Introductions to Apologetics; different worldviews and how to point people to the Christian worldview, logical reasoning.
  2. Science and God – Friends or Foes?
  3. Why Christianity and not any other religion? False doctrines and how to refute them.
  4. The real Jesus. Common theories being taught these days and how to point to the truth.
  5. The reliability and trustworthiness of the Bible, e.g. by looking at archaeology.

As always we expect a great time of discussions and learning! The class is for young and mature Christians alike and for interested seekers. Sign up now!