Marrieds Ministry

Bob & Tricia Shanks

The Marrieds ministry in the Columbus Church of Christ is helping couples build marriages that glorify God! Marriages have always been important to God. Creating marriages that grow and flourish requires following God’s plan. The marriage ministry has great classes, marriage helpers, and teachings from God’s Word that help each marriage reach the heights and goals that God has for each marriage in Christ!

It’s all about glorifying God, but that means having fun together, too. The Marrieds Ministry is focused on creating a body of believers that have common goals to pursue God and to enjoy the immense and incredible benefits and joys of being married in God’s kingdom.


Bob Shanks : (484) 904-7146
Trisha Shanks : (484) 904-7253

News & Updates

This Is Us

Please join us for the Ohio Valley Region's 2019 marrieds retreat, This Is Us.

2017 Ohio Valley Rally

The 2017 Ohio Valley Rally will be September 30th - October 1st.

June Location

During June we will be meeting at the Columbus Performing Arts Center.