Marrieds Ministry

Liz Makes Jesus Lord

Liz RemyFifteen years ago, Carmen, a woman in our campus ministry at the time, met Liz at Ohio State. Carmen opened her Bible with her, showing her Jesus and his sacrifice and his call to respond in discipleship, but Liz decided that she did not want to be baptized and walked away.

Fast forward seven years and another one of our members, Tara, was just beginning her career in educational administration where she met Liz, who made her transition from teaching to administration easy. They began to hang out after work and became friends. Tara invited her to church and church events, but Liz was always busy.

As the years passed, their lives changed as they each became wives and mothers. Liz was again by Tara’s side, easing her transition into motherhood. Over time they became best of friends, as did their children. They were together on one occasion where the kids were being challenging, Tara offered to open the Bible with Liz and show her how her marriage and parenting had changed with God’s help. She said she would like to, but months passed as both were busy.

Then one day Liz called and texted, asking when they could get together. Over the following 5 weeks, Tara studied the Bible with Liz, showing her who Jesus was and what Jesus taught. Liz responded to the call of Christ, committing her life to God and on July 27th, 2014, Liz Remy made Jesus Lord, being baptized into Christ.

Congratulations to Liz and to the two women who shared Jesus with her.