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Strengthening Classes

Here’s the updated class schedule for the remaining Sunday Strengthening Classes. Classes are held at 1PM at the Parsons Avenue Library, 1113 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206.

Nov 5, Room 2
Talking to God – Prayer and Confession
Teach disciples a basic understanding of prayer and how to develop a prayer life.

Nov 12, Room 2
The Body of Christ
Teaching about relationships and roles within the body of Christ (the church) and help to consider how their individual gifts can be used to serve the body of Christ.

Nov 19, Room 2
Grace – Love
Understanding the importance of the grace of God and biblical love.

Dec 10, Room 2
The Compassion of Jesus – Proclaiming the Gospel
Seeing the world through Jesus’ eyes (his perspective) and encourage having the heart and compassion of Jesus.

Dec 17, Room 2
Two topics:
Discipling and Self-Discipline – Tithes and Offerings
Understanding the discipling and how important it is. Inspire to develop dynamic and healthy one another relationships.

The importance of being self-disciplined. Handling of money and our time righteously.