What is the Columbus Church of Christ about? In a word: Jesus. We take that “of Christ” part pretty seriously.

We are all about:

Our lives are all wrapped up in Jesus, and when we said Jesus is Lord we meant it. That means when there’s conflict between what we think and what Jesus thinks, Jesus wins. When what we want to do is at odd with what Jesus says we should do, Jesus wins. We strive to live the way Christ intended us to, by loving God and loving people.

We are committed to reflecting Jesus, both to each other and to a world that needs Him desperately but doesn’t always know it. We all need regular reminders of Jesus – who He was and what He said – to keep a healthy dependence on the Lord instead of straying to our own selfish ways.

We believe that Jesus must shape our thinking, our actions, our living, our decisions, our relationships, our spending and our beliefs. And we are committed to helping one another to do just that.

Our sincere hope is that through our gatherings, our worship, our teachings, and our lives; Jesus will be seen to those around us both in and out of the church. He must become greater while we become less.

We hope that you will join us and get to know Jesus, and in submission to Him learn what it means to truly be free and live life to the fullest.

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