Campus Ministry

As Disciples on Campus, we want to help people to make the most important decision of their lives, one which will influence other choices they will make: the decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

We are a ministry devoted to laying down our lives for Christ and reaching out to as many as possible. We believe that a life in Christ is both fulfilling and life changing. At the same time, being a devoted follower of Christ is also difficult. Therefore, we are also devoted to helping each other grow in our faith by developing deep convictions firmly rooted in the Word of God. As we do this, we build great relationships which are both encouraging and strengthening. Our purpose is for each student to develop a deep relationship with God.

Our mission is to boldly bring the inspiring yet challenging teachings of Christ to this generation as well as loving the poor and needy. Whether through group or personal bible studies, worship, community outreach, and leadership training, we strive to honor God with everything.


Brody Snell : (440) 781-7703
Brooke Snell : (484) 844-1515

News & Updates

Faces of D.O.C.

What is a campus ministry? Is it a collection of people and bibles? A look at our Campus Ministry.

Campus Summer Interns

We are looking for campus ministry interns for the summer of 2019.

Campus Service, December 3rd

Please join us Sunday, December 3rd for a special worship serve on the campus of the Ohio State University.