Are you interested in connecting with our church? Do you want to know more about who God is and what it truly means to follow Jesus? Our church has a strong foundation in helping both believers and non-believers know more about the Bible and who God is, and we offer several means of getting connected with the disciples of Christ in our church.

If you’d like to connect with us or learn more from us about how to live a life for Christ, please contact us using the form below with any questions or comments you may have, or email us directly at

Personal Bible Studies

We believe strongly in personal bible studies to help establish and strengthen individuals’ foundational convictions about what it means to follow Jesus. We go over topics such as the Word of God, Seeking God, Baptism, Repentance, and more. These studies usually involve two to three church members to help an individual learn deeply about the Word of God and the true calling of those who want to be disciples of Christ.

Small Groups

Whether you call them small groups, house churches, or family groups; we strive to have smaller, more intimate groups than congregational worship services to ensure that couples, families, and singles get the spiritual nourishment they need. Small groups meet on a regular basis based on location and provide an open setting for worship and devotion that not only teaches more about God’s word, but discusses it and engages with the gospel on a deeper level.

Church Services

Our worship services are when our entire congregation comes together to worship God, fellowship, and learn more about how to live lives dedicated to Christ. We spend time singing to the Lord and worshipping Him as He deserves. We also meditate on the cross while taking communion, give contribution to help the church grow, and hear powerful sermons to convict and encourage the body of Christ.