It is our desire to do our part to minimize the spread of the COVID 19 virus, so beginning November 22, 2020 we will have our Sunday services live streamed or via Zoom only. No congregation inside the building. Please plan on joining us virtually for worship at 10AM each Sunday.

Please check our news page or calendar for more specific information on if this week we are live streaming or meeting by Zoom.

In the rare event of warm winter weather, we’ll switch to an outdoor, drive in in the church parking lot. In that case, there is no RSVP required. We’ll make an announcement of alternate plans by 8PM Saturday night. Check our news page or calendar for more information.

Wednesdays will still be primarily by Zoom. Check our news page or calendar for more information.

If you prefer to stay home you can watch live on our YouTube channel.

You can find all of our Sunday lessons here, our midweek lessons here and our YouTube channel here. If you’d rather just listen, our audio only sermons are here.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically threatened the health and economic stability of millions of people. This crisis has also taken a particularly enormous toll on the spiritual and emotional well-being of our global family in the poorest regions of the world.

Below is the latest video (“Loaves and Fishes” campaign for COVID-19 Relief) from HOPE Worldwide describing the immense food insecurity experienced by our brothers and sisters around the globe.

During these difficult times, we may be restricted in many ways, but we are not powerless. Our prayers and acts of kindness matter. We have an incredible opportunity to provide basic food and supplies during this crisis.

Your generous donations can be the “loaves and fishes” that are multiplied to feed those who are hungry. Please watch the video below, and if you are able, donate today.

Donate here and learn more about HOPE Worldwide’s latest coronavirus efforts here.